I came across an article last night about body shaming and was quite disturbed by the demeaning things people say about others, and by others I mean regular people and celebrities, damn even pregnant women, seriously people?? Do you have no shame at all or are you just perfect? No matter how many stylish dresses or new dresses you buy, if you are ridiculed for having big boobs or no boobs, and made to look bad, what’s the point? We are progressive women, trying to make our mark everywhere, but if if are ridiculed by our own gender then its out-rightedly shameful, indeed. Why are the various brands exhibiting new dresses, party wear dresses or denim dresses to lure women, when we just simply reach the pedestal of the ultimate women?


Body shaming is someone trying to make you feel bad for having a body that doesn’t conform to cultural (or just their own personal) beauty ideals. The most common comments that a woman hears is having big boobs or butt or not having them, being too skinny or being too fat, being too tall or being too short or something on the similar lines.


When your partner says the stylish dresses are not that flattering on you, or your family says you would have looked even prettier if you could just shed some more pounds, they are not trying to cause you pain but it’s still hurtful enough. If you can, you should express what you feel instead of feeling humiliated, if they love you they will love you even more for this positivity. You are allowed to choose your own battles, period!!

The stylish dresses displayed on the home page of your favourite fashion portal, lure you to go through their catalogue, but you stop, because you don’t feel mentally and emotionally strong enough to defend yourself. You want to pick one of the party wear dresses there, but suddenly you hear the repulsing remarks and you are unsure of what you should buy. The incidents are endless, the only way to snap out of all this is to be strong mentally and think that people don’t spare the gorgeous beauties like Nigella Lawson and Salma Hayek too.



Recently,  Kim Kardashian was criticized for her weight gain through her pregnancy, a lot of people came out to ridicule her for her weight gain but on the other hand a lot of people supported her and encouraged her to walk proud, she also took to a social networking site and said, “Anyone who has a baby knows how your body totally changes, making fun of me pregnant and making fun of me now trying to lose weight, shame on you, I am not perfect and I will never conform to your skinny standards, sorry.”

There is simply no such thing as a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to styling right, the only thing that can make you shine like a star is confidence in you. Everyone is different; learn to accept your flaws and assets learn more about your own unique body type and how to create the perfect silhouette that will make you feel good about yourself. No matter what size or shape you are if you feel good about yourself, you will look good too, remember impressing these naysayers will not get you anywhere. So the show stealer can be latest denim dresses


Remember that all bodies are good bodies, no matter what the magazines or the social media says, be positive. Explore options while picking up new dresses or denim dresses or stylish dresses, not because you are craving for someone’s approval; but because you want to.

Enjoy the party with party wear dresses.