Types of shoes – Your shoe solution !

Can you imagine going out of the house without wearing your shoe? I bet you can’t. Me neither. The shoe is one of the most needful outfits we wear. We can’t take a single step without a pair of shoe. Playing, running, camping or for walking a pair of shoe is a must. For different kinds of activities, there are different kinds of shoes.


Manufacturers make great shoes full with friendly features to do all kinds of activities. Theses shoes are very stylish to make you look smart. So, what are the differences of these shoes or what type of shoes the manufacturers make? Here is the deal.

Walking shoe

Walking shoes are made with great care as we wear these shoes almost every day. These are very friendly to walk with ease and comfort. Moreover, these shoes give perfect health support to the users. These shoes remove all the injuries like leg strain and foot pain. Feet, arch, and ankle get the right support from these shoes. The toe box reduces all the pain in the toes.

Soft midsole and insole give the perfect comfort to the users to walk anywhere. The safety of the users is ensured by the outsole which provides right traction and stability. These walking shoes have the perfect shape and size to deliver the highest support to all types of arches. If you walk every day for quite a long time, then you should choose these walking shoes.

Professional shoes

For different types of professions, there are lots of shoe vary in their features and benefits. For shoes for nurses, sneakers are more popular. These shoes have quite a hard sole to assure the best safety for the nurses. Ensuring the best comfort, these shoes give the deserved comfort to the nurses.

As these shoes are perfectly engineered, there is no chance of any pain or injuries. Most importantly, these professional shoes provide the right support to the nurses to work for a long time as the nurses work for continue 10 hours or more.

Running shoes

Running shoes are the best companion for jogging and other activities. These shoes have durable construction, hard sole, greater flexibility and super softness and comfort. As running means more pressure to the feet, these shoes have spacious toe box.

Running shoes have a very lightweight to run freely without any problems. The soles of these shoes are harder than any other shoes. They help to get the perfect balance to the users. Heel, ankle and arch get the right support.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are designed and engineered differently than the other shoes. As sports means more movement of the users, the sports shoes are more strong, long lasting, high-performance, healthful and comfortable. Among the sports shoes, outdoor basketball shoes are one of the highest qualities.

These shoes have soft padded support. As basketball means fast movement with jumping and running, these shoes deliver the best support to the feet and reduce any kind strain of the ankle. Basketball shoes are made with leather and synthetic construction for durability. Thick rubber sole helps to get the right stability and balance while playing.

 Camping/ Hiking shoes

Camping shoes are the most durable and long lasting shoes. These shoes are made with the top quality materials and all the necessary components needed for camping and hiking. As camping and hiking mean to spend time in different conditions and lots of actions going on, the camping shoes have the capability to give the best support and comfort to the users.

These shoes have thick sole to get the better grip to climb hills easily. Water resistant feature helps the users to move freely in any wet condition. Light weight helps the campers to walk with ease. Soft cushioned support enables the users to wear the shoe for a long time during camping and hiking.

People use shoes for different purposes. Choosing the right pair of shoe is a very crucial thing as comfort, perfect movement, and health issue depend on it. You have the idea about which shoe have which features. So, next time you are going to buy a pair of shoes, keep in mind the specifications of the shoe.